Corporate Directory

Chief Executive Officer
Sean Cole

Board of Directors
Peter A Hill  (Chairman)
Louis Curtis  (Deputy Chairman)
Sam Albanese
Brett Broomell
Ashley Chabrel
Brenton Fenwick
Gurpinder (Mintu) Singh

Company Secretary
Mark Voigt

Administration Secretary
Voula Zois

Ian Macrae
Ashley Lipman

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Berri, SA 

William Buck
Chartered Accountants and Advisors
Adelaide, SA

Legal Advisors 
Andrew & Dale Barristers & Solicitors
Berri, SA

Fisher Jeffries Barristers & Solicitors
Adelaide, SA

Registered Office
9 Battams Road, Glossop, SA
PO Box 236, Barmera, SA 5345
Telephone: (08) 8583 2286
Facsimile: (08) 8583 2189

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