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CCW provides technical advice for quality grape production through members’ access free of charge to our own Viticultural Officer.

One on one consultancies are available to all members and are delivered through property visits or through other contacts. The information offered includes any item with regard to:

• soil and irrigation management
• pest and disease control
• fertilising practices
• economic and financial analysis of production

There are a number of projects currently being undertaken by CCW on a wide range of topics and for those growers involved, CCW facilitates group activities including field days, seminars, workshops, wine tastings and excursions.

Identifying and promoting higher value opportunities for growers remains a priority for CCW and as further opportunities come to hand they are presented. 

Contact can be made with our viticulturists at the office on:

                  PH:    (08) 8583 2286
                  FAX:  (08) 8583 2189

              Ian Macrae:        mobile -  0428 951 505                                                                                                           email:

           Ashley Lipman:   mobile -  0428 817 479