Water Budgeting Tools

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1. The Basic budget rations the available water across the whole season and monitors the water use each month.

2. The Comprehensive water budgeting tool aims to assist with calculating the volume of water required, planning the use of the water across the season, giving a simple guide to achieving the budget and monitoring the water use each month. Water is budgeted for each individual patch (management unit) and the timing and magnitude of any water deficit or surplus. This assists with the planning and management of your water resource, the purchase of additional water and implementing water saving measures.

3. The additional feature of this water budgeting tool is the ability to accomodate up to four different seasonal water use patterns that may exist between various crops or varieties.

 1 Basic - Property rationing water budget.xls
 2 Comprehensive - Rationing irrigations across patches budget.xls
 3 Comprehensive - Rationingirrigations across patches - with other crops budget.xls