The members area for CCW growers provides access to hundreds of private information documents.

If you haven’t logged in then the login screen will appear.  NOTE: your username is ‘ccw’ followed by your grower number (e.g. ccw123456) or your registered email address.

visit dashboard if already logged in

Login Troubleshooting

I am a CCW member but I don’t have a login

You should have already received a notification of your account being created via email.  These were sent on Friday May 17, 2019.  Check your email inbox, or it may have gone to your Junk or Spam folder.  If you can’t find it then try “Lost Password” to get the email sent again.

I want to become a CCW member

Please Contact Us for details on joining CCW.

I forgot my password, or I want to change my password.

Click “Lost Password” at the bottom of the login screen or “Reset Password” from the members menu.  It will ask you for your username or email address and will then sent a link to your email address which you need to click to enter your new password.

The login page gives me a “401 Unauthorised” error.

If you fail to login a few times then you will be blocked by the server due to anti-hacking security.  This block should automatically be removed after one hour.