Located in the Riverland, CCW Co-operative Limited has approximately 550 grower members who proudly produce close to 200,000 tonnes of wine grapes annually.

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A Message From Our Chair

Ashley Chabrel

Ashley Chabrel
“The strength of our co-op lies in you, the grower. For us, everything begins and ends with our growers, and achieving the best returns is at the heart of our value proposition.
That’s why we’ve made changes to our corporate structure, and are focusing on improving the skill set of our board members. We are now positioned to achieve results never before seen in the co-op.
I believe we grow the best value wine grapes in the country, with low disease pressure and good weather conditions. This will see a sustained demand for our produce on an international scale.
We can continue this strong market position by working together, and maintaining a unified front. This is what drives me, and I welcome any prospective member to get in touch to find out how we can deliver these benefits to you.”

Security for Members

15 Year Contracts

CCW offers contracts for up to 15 years giving you security and certainty each season

Price Negotiation

We negotiate prices to provide you a commercially competitive return

Expert Advice

Our viticulture experts are always available to visit your vineyard with best practice advice

Your Community

We’re focussed on our local community – everything that comes to us goes back to you the grower

We Have Growers All Over The Riverland

Fast Facts

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active members

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wine grape varieties

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of Australia’s wine grapes

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tonnes in 2019

Latest CCW Viteo

CCW Viteo #2: Harvesting one of our trial patches.

Harvesting of one of the CCW NRM Soil Heath Project patches took place on Wednesday last week (19th February), at Tony Trezise’s vineyard, at Renmark South.

The 16 project treatments were harvested; weighed; and samples taken for analysis.

The Soil Health Project has shown some exciting results and will give growers insights as to how best to improve the health of their soils, and improve long term sustainability of production.

More to come……

Harvesting of one of the CCW NRM Soil Heath Project patches

Latest News


The cereal farmers are not the only ones planting crops furiously after 40-70mm of glorious rain over the past few weeks. Many of our CCW growers are also making the most of the best autumn break in years and are now out planting cover crops. These crops have many benefits;...


Our Kubota RTV has been very busy over the last few weeks, out and about, with our even busier viti officers, confirming baumes and checking out problem patches, to help our growers achieve the best possible outcomes and keep vintage intake moving.