CCW Annual General Meeting

The CCW AGM was held on Tuesday, 8th September 2020,at the Riverland Field Day Site, and we had a good turnout considering the COVID awareness situation we are living in at the moment. The Chairman, and CEO gave insightful presentations. We that all those who attended.

Energy Efficiency Grants

The Federal government has just announced the “Energy Efficient Communities Program - Small Business Grants”. The maximum grant amount is $20,000. The grant can be used for one or more of the following: replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment installing or replacing a component to help an existing system...

Water Market Fundamentals: How to make it work for you

Primary Industries and Regions South Australia presented an online workshop designed to assist South Australian irrigators gain confidence in successfully navigating the River Murray water market. This workshop offers simple and practical strategies to assist irrigators in planning and achieving better outcomes for their businesses. View the video of the...


Soil compaction under drip irrigation is one of the biggest limitations to vine health, production, and water and fertiliser use-efficiency. Compaction is mainly caused by vineyard traffic, and we are now using heavier and wider machines than before. The practices that in the past were commonly used to break up...


Well the field days have been cancelled and gadget days are long gone, but this hasn’t stopped inventive Riverlanders from solving problems and finding solutions. We just need other ways of showcasing the talent we have. After weeks of head scratching, frustrations and modifications, Stiven Ludas has finally got his...


The cereal farmers are not the only ones planting crops furiously after 40-70mm of glorious rain over the past few weeks. Many of our CCW growers are also making the most of the best autumn break in years and are now out planting cover crops. These crops have many benefits;...


Our Kubota RTV has been very busy over the last few weeks, out and about, with our even busier viti officers, confirming baumes and checking out problem patches, to help our growers achieve the best possible outcomes and keep vintage intake moving.


CCW is often approached for donations for community functions and fundraisers for worthy causes in the Riverland. Just over the last few of months, CCW has donated Growers Gate wines to the following events, and feel that in a small way we have helped their event or fundraising endeavours: (more…)

CCW involved in assisting growers affected by devastating hail storm

About 80 grape growers attended an information meeting at Monash following the devastating hailstorm of the 4th November. The main presenter was Steve Liebich, a grape grower from Taylorville who’s vineyard suffered extreme losses in the hailstorm of 2016. Steve and CCW viticulturist Ian Macrae discussed the best approaches to...

Sean and Stacey

CCW’s mammoth makeover

Article / Photo: Copyright 2019 Murray Pioneer -  AN almost 100-year-old Riverland based co-op is currently undergoing a complete rebrand to showcase local winegrape growers online through a “fresh” new profile. (more…)