About 80 grape growers attended an information meeting at Monash following the devastating hailstorm of the 4th November. The main presenter was Steve Liebich, a grape grower from Taylorville who’s vineyard suffered extreme losses in the hailstorm of 2016. Steve and CCW viticulturist Ian Macrae discussed the best approaches to the management of vinesafter hail damage and the prospects for recovery this season and next. Duncan Tullett from PIRSA and Haley May from the Rural Financial Counselling Service outlined the services that are available to assist growers get through this very difficult time. And, the gathering was a chance for growers to socialise with others who had experienced the same shock of such a unexpected hail event.

Our thanks to the Kondoprias family for their generous hospitality in hosting this event after severe hail damage to their vineyard, and many others. We also thank Terry Lefty for providing us all with his amazing yiros.